Meaningful software. Code as two texts

Code as two texts

1. Code is two texts. Austin

A concept is an action. The software code is the best illustration of it: by saying something it necessarily does something. Any sentence we write in python or C++ is meant to be executed.

In the human speech, John Austin called such sentences performative

The myth of scrum team

The traditional descriptions of the scrum team say: it is dedicated to a product, crossfunctional, and has three scrum roles: product owner, scrum master, and team members. Scrum introduces the timed team interaction structure: sprints, sprint meetings, and standups.

The core of good planning is product backlog refinement, user story…

1. Complexity of system architecture

When one designs software, what comes out of it? An architecture, isn’t it? Or is it? The word “architecture” applied to software drags has so many distorting connotations that I am trying to consciously expel it from my vocabulary.

The architectural approach assumes a vision of the system where its…

Vsevolod Vlaskine

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